The use of outdoor pizza ovens has become the current rage in the United States of America with many families who love the flavor and taste of homemade pizzas made in wood burning ovens. This concept is expected to catch on in a big way and may soon overtake barbecues as the main backyard attraction for parties where guests can even help make pizzas of their choice.

Return of Tradition
A pizza made in a traditional wood burning pizza oven has an original unique taste which nothing made in a normal oven can surpass. In a wood burning oven, the pizza is made on a brick or stone base that gives it the unique flavor that cannot be replicated if cooked in a normal oven. However, to make masonry pizza ovens used to be a big project and you had to call the experts in to do the work, making it pretty expensive. However, in United States of America there are, at present, many companies who have started making masonry pizza ovens in prefabricated modules, which can then be assembled at the location of choice; these pizza ovens are quite lightweight making them easy to assemble and put together at the location of choice.

Ease of Assembly
By purchasing this type of wood fired pizza oven, you have the option of getting the manufacturers to deliver the prefabricated pieces to the location of your choice; the assembly is quick because it is composed of interlocking prefabricated pieces which are joined by mortar. Because many companies are now manufacturing this type of ovens, the prices of these outdoor pizza ovens have come down quite considerably. These ovens are made to be safe for use, in a bid to prevent any unforeseen accidents; they have a noncombustible base, usually made of brick or metal, with no wood used anywhere. The manufacturers have done their best to duplicate the traditional wood burning pizza ovens.

Modern Fireplaces
The wood burning pizza ovens use wood as the main fuel which raises the temperature inside the oven to over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is what gives the pizzas and pies cooked inside this type of oven its unique flavor. Besides pizza ovens, many of the manufacturers are also experts in fireplace installation which have also become popular and are now standard fixtures even in apartments and condominiums. These fireplaces incorporate the latest technologies making them light and easy to install and can use a variety of fuels like wood, electricity or gas. Though fireplaces were at first a standard in independent homes and villas, the latest methods have helped people and families rekindle romance, family values as well as bringing warmth during the cold winter months.

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