Today’s appliance makers have shaken up the compact cooking ovens scene for the better. The first player to enter the field was a simple toaster oven more than 100 years ago. Selection during most of these 100 years was somewhat poor, and units were often underpowered and unimpressive. Thanks to a virtual explosion of technology, today’s toaster ovens are not only more powerful, but speedier, more energy efficient, and slick-looking. Now, one can find compact convection ovens, convection-hybrid or microwave-hybrid ovens, compact ovens with broilers, rotisseries and more. Many of these not only can rival or replace a traditional oven, but they do it at a small fraction of their price and use a fraction of their energy.


Small But Mighty

Some of today’s compact cooking ovens are large enough to fit a standard quarter-size sheet pan or 13×9 inch cake pan. Certain compact models allow for roasting a whole chicken on a rotisserie spit. Cutting edge convection cooking ovens use special fans that circulate and distribute hot air throughout the oven for faster and more even cooking. Clearly, these are not your grandmother’s toaster ovens.


Energy Savings

Nearly all of today’s compact models plug into standard 120V household outlets. No need to arrange for special 220V wiring like their larger cousins. These compact wonders also draw a fraction of the energy. Small to average sized compact cooking ovens draw around 900 to 1200 watts of power. Larger ones may draw 1700-1800 watts. Given that convection features reduce cooking times, that means even less energy is used compared with standard sized ovens. Standard electric range ovens draw around 7500 watts of power, which is eight times the energy consumption of the smaller ovens. Using compact cooking ovens means more money stays in your pocket.



Today’s cooking ovens often feature programmable controls, electronic keypads and digital displays for more precision in cooking and baking. Automatic shut-off features can be a real help to busy people.


How to Choose

Everyone’s needs are different. Before you shop, decide which sorts of foods you’ll prepare with one of these cooking ovens. For toasting pastries or other small items, the compact models with fewer settings might be all you require. If pizza is your thing, look for one that allows space for the standard 12-inch pizza pan. If baking bread, then check that your compact candidates allow sufficient head room for the finished loaf. Even most of the smallest compact ovens will be able to handle baking one round 9-inch layer cake, but may not handle two at a time. Specialty models are designed to hold a standard 13×9 inch cake pan, which is the usual size for a cake made from a mix.


With the advent of newer and better technology, lower pricing and vast energy saving possibilities, it only makes sense to have one of these compact cooking ovens. Whether making snacks, baking bread, pizza, cakes, pies, or dinner for the family, today’s designs let you do it quickly and with power to spare. Some people find the reduction in their energy bill more than pays for the cost of these smart-looking compact ovens.


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When technology is raising its hands towards you for your own benefit, what is the point of not holding it? We are talking about the revolutionary invention in the arena of cooking which constructed a new bridge between kitchen and science called microwave oven. The microwave ovens have become one of the most popular and now the most useful electronic appliances of the kitchen. You, no doubt, are a wonderful homemaker and an incredible cook.

But the idea is to depreciate your work load and reduce the time that you spend in kitchen making one dish or the other for your lovely family and rather lovelier spouse. And for that you need a microwave oven which would work as your assistant.Now that you have made up your mind to buy this assistant, you better know where to buy them from. IFB and Samsung are two names that are giving you enormous variety of microwave ovens at reasonable cost and along with efficient technology.

IFB is not a very popular name generally,but in the industry of electronic appliances, everyone is pretty familiar with the name and they are also aware of the performance that IFB devices give. Now talking of IFB Microwave ovens, the oven that steals the show for its suitability to the usual buyers of ovens is IFB 20SC2 20 L Convection. This is a Grill and Convection microwave oven that has a capacity of 20 litres. The oven produces 3 dimensional wave and has got 10 Variable Cooking Power Levels. The oven gives the option of Multi-Stage Cooking and Child Safety Lock.Possessing a Feather Touch Programme Panel, the oven overall consumes 2000 watts of power and arrives with a warranty of 1 year. Though this oven possesses so many commendable traits, the price of the oven is still very low.

Another brand that you can dedicate a glance to is Samsung because the Samsung Microwave ovens are amazing to look at and more amazing to work with. The oven from Samsung that we would be recommending you is the Samsung GW73CD-B/XTL 20L.This is a 20 l microwave oven that has features like Heat Source Grill Combi, Power Source 230V/50Hz, Output Power (w) 950W, Power consumption (W) 1,100W, Control method Membrane, Door opening type Pocket Handle, Power Level 6, Cooking stages, Weight/Serving Control, One Minute/30 sec plus and Defrost (Auto/Power/Sensor). The affordable price of the oven is another feature that makes it pretty likely to be bought.

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If you are planning to build or renovate your kitchen, it is a good idea to look into the latest kitchen appliance trends before you start creating your design. By gaining a thorough idea of what is available today, you will be better able to determine which appliances you want to include in your new kitchen design.

As you browse the Internet and discuss kitchen design with those who work in the industry, you will find that some of the latest kitchen appliance trends include increased interest in all of the following:

Outdoor appliances, particularly refrigerators and BBQs
Appliances that blend in with cabinetry, although stainless steel appliances have remained ever popular
Appliances in strong colors, such as red and blue
Specialty appliances, such as wine coolers
Commercial grade appliances that have been “scaled down” for residential use
Clever appliances that offer special features such as a built-in rotisserie, separate freezer drawers, or a television built into the door
Separate ovens and cooktops

Incorporating a separate oven and cooktop into your kitchen design can be tricky if your space is limited, but it is very worthwhile if you will be spending a great deal of time in the kitchen. Not only will a separate cooktop make the cooking process easier, it will make it more comfortable as well.

To ensure you enjoy these benefits, however, there are a few ideas in kitchen cooktops that you might keep in mind when creating your design plans. Some of the things you should keep in mind include:

Ventilation and space
Most cooktops are more than 30 inches wide and should be placed near a window or some other source of ventilation.
Setting up the utilities
You will need to choose between gas, electric or a combination of the two. Regardless of which you select, make certain you have the utilities properly set up.
Determine capacity needs
A cooktop can have up to six burners; how many do you need?
When selecting the type of cooktop surface you want, consider appearance as well as ease of cleaning.

In short, there are many ideas in kitchen cooktops to explore. As you are exploring the latest kitchen appliance trends and cooktop options, be certain to consider your personal needs in order to be certain you select the appliances that are best for you, your specific needs and design desires, and your kitchen space.

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A lot of people have ovens that are plenty big enough for themselves and their family. They manage to cook meals seven days a week without any problems. This is because their oven has been particularly designed to take on the strain that they will be giving it. The problem is though, that when cooking for larger crowds, sometimes these ovens are not going to be sufficient.

So what these consumers find is that they might try and juggle all the different items of food they are trying to prepare. Of course, this is a disaster waiting to happen and things just do not get cooked, or get cooked too much and generally the meal is going to be ruined. Luckily though, there are a few ways to get around this.

One of the easiest options would be to cook up what can be, before hand. When the guests arrive the cook can use the ovens for the uncooked food and the microwave for food prepared previously. If this is not an option then double ovens are likely to be something that will work well in this particular household.

A lot of people purchase double ovens for the above reason; they do not want to be messing around when they are entertaining guests. The reality is that we all feel that way but there are a few things to think about before deciding to purchase and install double ovens.

Of course, the first thing to take into account is whether the size of the kitchen will actually accommodate an oven of this size. The unfortunate reality is that a lot of the times, kitchens are just not big enough. For people that are lucky enough to have a large kitchen though, they are going to be an asset every time they prepare and cook their meals.

Generally, consumers will be aiming to purchase a product made from extremely high quality materials. The likes of ceramics of extremely high quality and in some cases stainless steel are all great materials to use when it comes to the construction of cookers.

The size of these items does vary a great deal, so it is important to get one that will fit the kitchen nicely. Height wise, double ovens generally tend to measure in at around 50 inches. The width of these ovens is not usually too excessive; somewhere around 25 inches is usually plenty big enough for most homes and kitchens.

Duel fuel cookers are widely found in many peoples homes due to their functionality. In addition, range cookers can also be found with both being available online.

When selecting a rangehood, you will need to consider the cubic metres of airflow, the ducting of your range hood, and then the look you are trying to achieve in your kitchen.

Some people may want to make a feature out of the rangehood, or may want opt for an integrated, or built in design, such as an under cupboard rangehood.

Once you decide the type of range hood to best suit the design of your kitchen, you will need to ensure it provides suitable coverage of the cooking area or induction cooktop, and has sufficient airflow to suit the type of cooktop it is mounted above, and the style of cooking you perform. If regularly frying or preparing spicy, oily or pungent foods, rangehoods with stronger airflow should be selected. A gas or induction cooktop will produce higher levels of heat than a standard electric cooktop, and require higher airflow to ensure if heat is removed from kitchen in cases where rangehood is ducted to outside air.

It is important that the rangehood is installed correctly. Options are, ducting your Rangehood to the outside atmosphere (either through your Roof, or an external wall), or re-circulating.

It is recommended to duct the outside air where possible, this will ensure majority of heat produced whilst cooking is removed from kitchen. If a rangehood is ducted out then the majority of the cooking smells will also be removed from your kitchen. If you cannot duct your rangehood out, it will need to be recirculated. If this is the case, carbon filters are recommended to help cut down the circulation of cooking odours.

Cleaning of the grease filters should be done on a regular basis by rinsing them with hot soapy water or for some models the manufacturer may recommend placing in the dishwasher.

If considering purchasing a rangehood to place above a BBQ, it is important to be aware domestic rangehoods are not suitable for this purpose, as they are not built to withstand the high heat levels produced by gas barbeques. Domestic range hoods are also not deep enough to provide coverage over a barbeque which are a lot deeper than a cooktop. Gold Star Electrics sells Australian made Condor rangehoods which are specifically designed for use above barbeques, with a range of options available to suit various sizes and styles of barbeques and outdoor kitchen and entertaining rooms. Where required, OR desired Condor hoods can be custom designed, with the same option available for Qasair indoor range hoods.

So when planning your kitchen renovation or new outdoor kitchen call into our showroom located at shop 5 The Brickworks 107 Ferry Road Southport, to view from a vast range of rangehoods, including those featured in our Outdoor Kitchen display, and let our friendly team recommend the best option for YOUR needs.

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Buying kitchen appliances is one of the toughest works that often people do. It becomes even tougher when you walk into any appliance store and see endless rows of similar models. It is important that you must choose the best appliances according to your use because these appliances are very costly and no one wants to replace them in a very short period of time. We as one of the leading home appliance retailer know the exact need of our customers and you can see only the best appliances in our retail shop that are especially designed according to your need. Whether you are looking for a Gas cooktop or an Electric cooktops, we are here to provide you only the best indoor and outdoor kitchen appliances.

Sometimes people go for the lowest price tag products if they are hunting for a bargain but this can lead to a product that doesn’t have all the required features and after using it for some time they get realized that they have done the wrong choice. When you are buying important kitchen appliances such as electric cooktop or a cooktops induction, you need to take a number of things into your consideration before you reach to a decision. Considerations may include economy, price and size with many other small factors like appearance.

Size of a kitchen appliance is important as you often make a compromise with the size. You need something large that can accommodate your family’s needs but you also consider the amount of space that is available in your kitchen or utility room. Make sure you research the perfect size for your kitchen appliances like Cooktops electric tend to be measured by the amount food that can be prepared by these appliances in one time.

The economy of your new appliance is important concern with plenty of talk in the recent past about green homes and power
consumption. The amount of electricity that requires powering your kitchens plays and vital role before buying a new appliance. It is not only important with regards to our effect on the environment and surroundings but also, how much we pay on our power bills. So it is important that you must look for the energy star before buying any electric appliances like electric cooktops and cooktops induction.

The price of your chosen appliance may vary depending on the features, model possesses and some other factors. So, before buying any kitchen appliance you should consider the price of the product but not let it dominate your decision completely. You can do your important savings by choosing the more energy efficient modern version of kitchen appliances in long run. So, when you are buying any kitchen appliances make sure on your research, “what you need and what you are not going to afford”?

Brian Bell is satisfied customer of Gold Star Electrics.We are recognized for delivering the quality products for indoor & outdoor kitchens. If you are looking for any type of Kitchen Appliances,you can contact our customer representative any time you want. You can also take any type of help from our professionals before buying your appliances.

If you’ve been waiting for prices to drop or technology to improve on induction cooktops, you’re in luck. Add a new induction cooktop to your list of upgrades when you start remodeling your kitchen.

If you haven’t seen them in action, induction cooktops use burners that create magnetic fields to warm up steel pots and pans. The stove itself doesn’t get hot; it is the heating of the cooking vessel which cooks the food. With its unique technology, induction heating offers significant advantages over other cooking methods.

Induction Offers More Control Over Cooking: A big disadvantage of electric cooktops is that it can take a while for a burner to adapt after you adjust the controls. Although induction stoves use electricity, they offer the precision and instant adjustability that most homeowners associate with gas cooktops. They also heat food more quickly.

Less Wasted Heat: Because induction cooktops only heat the cooking vessel, they waste less energy than other sources. Gas stoves only use 40% of their energy to actually cook; the rest is wasted. Induction, on the other hand, uses 84% of its energy. This, combined with a faster cooking time, means that induction cooktops are very energy efficient, an important consideration in any kitchen remodeling job. Induction also results in cooler kitchens and cooler cooktops.

Cleanup Is a Breeze: Induction cooktops are flat, meaning that they lack the nooks and crannies that make conventional cooktops hard to clean. Because they don’t heat the food directly, you also won’t have to scrub food off of the burner. Burning gas also creates byproducts that condense on nearby surfaces; electrical cooking eliminates this problem.

A Safe Choice for Little Hands: Induction cooktops only heat magnetic pots and pans, so you don’t have to worry that small children will burn their hands if they touch the stovetop or that a misplaced object will catch on fire. The cooktops also offer many of the advantages of gas without the risk of leaks.

Will My Current Pots and Pans Work? To discover which of your pots and pans will work after you convert to an induction cooktop, use a magnet. If a magnet sticks, it will heat on an induction cooktop.



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In preparing the kitchen remodeling estimates that you will use for your own kitchen, it is imperative that you take every single expense into account. This means that if you were planning to invest on a good range and over, you should look through the various options that are available to you and do a thorough canvas of the prices that you would have to cover. You have to take the brand and the style of the ranges in putting together an accurate kitchen remodeling quote. With this said, you have to go through the different kitchen remodeling ideas that you may use to find the option that will suit your kitchen needs best.

If you are thinking about buying a wall mounted hood for your use, you have to find kitchen remodeling contractors that will be able to incorporate this type of appliances to your kitchen. Incorporation of this type of range to your kitchen design will entail knocking down a certain portion of your kitchen wall. For this reason, you have to look for local contractors that will be able to make this type of change within the timeframe that you can allot to your renovation project and the budget that you have for it.

Installing island range hoods will require a whole other installation process. For you to be able to minimize the amount of money that you would need for your home renovation endeavor, you have to compare local contractors in your area. Ask for free estimates and use your own judgement and your research skills in deciding which estimate is the most accurate. Choose the contractor that will be able to install the island range hood without taking too much from your budget.

If you do not have enough space in your kitchen for a stand-alone range hood, on the other hand, then you need to ask for the help of your kitchen remodeling contractor in finding ways to get this piece of appliance in your kitchen without overcrowding the area. There is a big possibility that your contractor will suggest that you simply place the range under a set of your kitchen cabinets, for this is the area where they will take up the least amount of space. If you choose to go down this route, you need to find California contractors that will be able to install the range yet still leave you enough space to move around in it.

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At the time you prepare food in the kitchen space, do you ever get coughing or nose choke? Your kitchen air conditioning usually are full of grease, smoke, as well as scents which made by the preparing food process. You might open each of the house windows. Having said that minimum fashionable kitchen areas have no range hoods. The range hood is a required appliance used to slow up the polluting of the environment in your kitchen. At this point we will explore some great benefits of your kitchen range hoods.

The the majority of essential thing a cooking area range hood can do is always to remove the atmosphere pollutants including fumes, grease, scents and steam which caused by the preparing food procedure. They are all tacky residue that may coating on the walls and it’s challenging to wipe out. Without a range hood, it’s a must to get additional cleanup cause as well as take more time to clean out the walls.

You might need ideas about this when tests the carbon monoxide level the detectors are frequently put in or even throughout the home. Any time you food preparation, a gas cooktop will send out carbon monoxide and also nitrogen dioxide that may be danger for your health. You might get carbon monoxide harming with out very well venting. It is important to install a range hood to shield your wellbeing.

Another advantage can be to depart from fire. Preparing food procedure will forms several heat along with steam and also smoke. They always stay for a lengthy period inside the environment so it is going to let the cook not comfortable, in particular during hot weeks. And the most crucial is that it will without difficulty lead to a flare. even though everyone do not wish that takes place. The kitchen range hood might remove all of the steam along with fumes together along with the excess heating, so premises a comfortable kitchen air.

As a great appliance, a range hood in effective fashion can let the home far more wonderful and also enticing, as soon as decoration you can decide on a correct design which suits for your house design and style. You’ll find numerous sorts of kitchen range hoods for your choice. People can certainly generate it a bit of artwork in the cooking area by proper design.

Quite a few different benefits including a greater home resale importance, lowering noise along with noise decrease insulation, the extra effects in various products which assist brighten up the kitchen area, etc. Also the pure atmosphere will be able to let your cook be more comfy as well as content, therefore make extra scrumptious meals. Selecting a cooking area range hood of a well-known brand will be sensible for a low cost along with usefulness inside a long term.


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