Founded on local traditions of food and craftsmanship, Italian manufacturer Bertazzoni produces an extensive selection of cooktops, ranges, and ovens. But although the company is founded on old traditions, they are not bogged down by the past, and their product line is filled with advanced technologies and innovation.

For example, one feature unique to Bertazzoni ranges is the Triple Ring Power Burner. This is based around inner and outer rings operated by a single control knob and a simmer burner in the center controlled by a separate knob. This allows for maximum control and helps you to cook your dish to perfection.

The gas burners are also designed with safety in mind. They burn cleanly, producing a minimum of carbon monoxide emissions. The burners’ gas flow will shut off immediately if the flame goes out, preventing dangerous gas leaks.

Many of Bertazzoni’s electric ovens are made with micro-processors that can manage multiple cooking techniques, including convection and non-convection baking, combined convection, grilling, and warming modes. Once you determine the perfect technique for your meal, you can save it in the oven’s memory and perfectly replicate it every time you make that dish. The XT models even feature the Bertazzoni Assistant, which includes a bank of different cooking techniques for specific food types created by chef consultant Roberto Carcangiu. These are all modifiable for the user so as not to stifle the creativity or craft of home cooks.

The ovens themselves are also well-designed, with advanced two fan convection systems that ensure even cooking while using as little heat as possible. This, combined with their high quality insulation, allows Bertazzoni ovens to use a minimum of energy, which benefits both the environment and the owner’s wallet.

Some Bertazzoni ovens also feature special pyrolytic lining that allows the oven to self-clean. The oven can be set to a special cleaning cycle, which heats the interior to an extremely high temperature for about two hours, reducing all fat and other food-related detritus to a fine ash that can be easily wiped out with a damp cloth.

Their gas ovens are built to the same high standard as the electric, featuring multiple cooking modes, even cooking, lots of space, and easy to clean materials. Like the electric models, they are made with strong insulation to provide maximum efficiency.

Bertazzoni also has a strong commitment to the environment. In addition to their strives toward efficiency, all of their products and packaging are made with 99% recyclable material, reducing the amount of waste that needs to end up in landfills. Their products are Restrictions of Hazardous Substances compliant, meaning the materials in their products are safe and non-toxic.

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