You know, it’s kind of funny.  I’m a HUGE barbeque lover (or barbecue, if you want to get finicky and spell it correctly), and I always thought that in order to get some good BBQ I had to do one of two things; either head down to a real barbeque restaurant and pony up some money to buy it, or my other option was to fire up my gas or charcoal grill in the back yard and cook it myself.  Well…I was wrong.

When I recently went on an extended vacation in a rental house and found that there was neither a grill or a nearby BBQ shack…I got kind of worried.  Fortunately, I had the internet though!  I found out that it really is possible to fix up some mouth watering BBQ right in my own kitchen using the electric oven (that was all I had).

In addition to learning that there ARE other ways to prepare bbq, the other advantage I found to fixing my barbecue fix in the oven was that I didn’t need to babysit my food nearly as much while it was cooking. 

Now I’ll admit it – there are times when the ‘babysitting’ is half the fun.  Standing over the grill out back with a beer in hand, poking and prodding the meat and constantly flipping it from one side to the other.  In fact, without realizing it, I think I probably believed that this was part of the success of making good barbeque.  If you had told me that prepping some food and then putting it in the oven for hours on end, barely paying any attention to it could turn out something even close to half way good, I don’t think I would have believed you.  And again…I would have been wrong.

The broader lesson I learned is that when it comes to cooking, even when you’re successful with one technique, don’t necessarily shut yourself off from looking at others.  Experiment.  You don’t have to wait until it’s forced upon you like it was me (where I had no alternative but to try something different or else suffer through BBQ withdrawals.  THAT wasn’t going to happen!)

In this particular instance, I found my solution by doing a tiny bit of Googling. I was looking for ways to make BBQ chicken and/or how to cook spareribs in electric oven as an alternative to my usual gas or charcoal grills. I found a bunch of good sites and good suggestions, and was way more pleasantly surprised than I could have ever imagined.

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