The small wood stoves we are discussing are made by Jotul and Vogelzang. The Vogelzang is a smaller stove than the Jotul which means it will be a little bit heavier than the Jotul. None the less both stoves have their positives and negatives.

Smaller Fire Box

These wood burners are smaller which means you cannot load as much wood into them as their larger friends. The fireboxes are usually around the 16 inch size which means you need to be very careful when you are cutting wood or they will not fit into the firebox. Also they are not as wide therefore the only way you can place wood into the box will be length wise.

 Easy to Move

The stoves are very light and it is easy for two people to move them. That is especially useful when you first purchase the stove and you need to season it. We do recommend taking it outside and starting a fire and letting it get really hot. The smell from seasoning your stove can be toxic so stay away from the stove. Let the fire get hot and then let it burn out. This should be enough to season it and once cooled down you can move it inside to it’s permanent place.

Less Clean Up Time

Some of these wood stoves can be used as a cook top and they have removable lids that makes it real easy for cleaning. The smaller firebox means the ashes will be minimal and the clean up time will be less than 5 minutes. If you have a larger wood heater it can take us 10 minutes or longer to clean out the ash.

Less Expensive

As you can imagine because they are smaller they will not cost as much as the larger ones. You can pick one of these up for around $200 which is a great price for something that can really heat a room.
Challenges With Small Wood Stoves

Some Disadvantages

There are some issues with these little guys and you need to know them up front before you purchase one. They are not so great that should steer you away from purchasing one but having a heads up before you purchase. Knowing these things up front allows you to purchase with peace of mind.

As you know they can only heat up to a maximum of 700 square feet or less and they will pump out the heat along with a leaking. That leaking is the smoke that will filter out of the stove because they are not built nearly as air tight as the more expensive wood burners. You can keep this in check if you crack open a window to create a air flow that allows the stove to suck outside air into the fire and up the chimney pipe.

The tiny woodstoves do have a problem with closing down the stove to a warm burn. The damper is not located inside the stove (normally) rather near the stove pipe that leads up towards the chimney. This can be a difficult position to try and dampen the burner therefore having to leave the door cracked open can also cause indoor smoke.

Final Thoughts

I have listed both the positives and negatives of small wood stoves. Take some time before you purchase to talk to owners of the stoves to make sure you understand the stove and how it operates. If you walk into a dealership you can probably guess they will try to upsell you into a larger stove so can a clear plan in mind before you walk into the store. That way you can always steer the salesman back to what you are interested in.

Don’t forget to shop online especially the larger places like Amazon. They will normally have customer reviews that will give you a great idea of how they operate.

Founded on local traditions of food and craftsmanship, Italian manufacturer Bertazzoni produces an extensive selection of cooktops, ranges, and ovens. But although the company is founded on old traditions, they are not bogged down by the past, and their product line is filled with advanced technologies and innovation.

For example, one feature unique to Bertazzoni ranges is the Triple Ring Power Burner. This is based around inner and outer rings operated by a single control knob and a simmer burner in the center controlled by a separate knob. This allows for maximum control and helps you to cook your dish to perfection.

The gas burners are also designed with safety in mind. They burn cleanly, producing a minimum of carbon monoxide emissions. The burners’ gas flow will shut off immediately if the flame goes out, preventing dangerous gas leaks.

Many of Bertazzoni’s electric ovens are made with micro-processors that can manage multiple cooking techniques, including convection and non-convection baking, combined convection, grilling, and warming modes. Once you determine the perfect technique for your meal, you can save it in the oven’s memory and perfectly replicate it every time you make that dish. The XT models even feature the Bertazzoni Assistant, which includes a bank of different cooking techniques for specific food types created by chef consultant Roberto Carcangiu. These are all modifiable for the user so as not to stifle the creativity or craft of home cooks.

The ovens themselves are also well-designed, with advanced two fan convection systems that ensure even cooking while using as little heat as possible. This, combined with their high quality insulation, allows Bertazzoni ovens to use a minimum of energy, which benefits both the environment and the owner’s wallet.

Some Bertazzoni ovens also feature special pyrolytic lining that allows the oven to self-clean. The oven can be set to a special cleaning cycle, which heats the interior to an extremely high temperature for about two hours, reducing all fat and other food-related detritus to a fine ash that can be easily wiped out with a damp cloth.

Their gas ovens are built to the same high standard as the electric, featuring multiple cooking modes, even cooking, lots of space, and easy to clean materials. Like the electric models, they are made with strong insulation to provide maximum efficiency.

Bertazzoni also has a strong commitment to the environment. In addition to their strives toward efficiency, all of their products and packaging are made with 99% recyclable material, reducing the amount of waste that needs to end up in landfills. Their products are Restrictions of Hazardous Substances compliant, meaning the materials in their products are safe and non-toxic.

You may think that since wood is natural, wood is good, that it may be the cleanest possible heating option available. It’s quite natural to think that way – we know that sometimes the old ways are cleaner than the resource-guzzling modern ways. But, there are caveats in this case. Woodburning stoves are not for everyone.

Especially, not if you have a heart or lung disease

If you have a chronic illness that can get aggravated when you inhale smoke, then woodburning stoves are not for you. Healthy people need not worry, but for children and adults with conditions like asthma and angina, they’re not safe.

However, you can protect yourself

Clean the creosote in your chimney often. That’s the bad smelling stuff that sticks to the walls of your chimney after a wood fire. Too much of this can cause a fire in your chimney — the wrong kind. Old stoves or those are not installed well can only raise your costs and increase risks. A sign that you need to get your stove changed is if you smell the smoke from it.

Some further tips to ensure your family’s safety

  • Always use the stove with the flue open. You must let in oxygen, or else your stove will start coughing up deadly carbon monoxide.
  • When you start your fire, make sure that you use clean newspaper or if you’re using kindling, it should be dry.
  • Don’t forget that you should never use unseasoned wood in your stove. Seasoning means removing moisture. If you don’t, you’ll only end up with wood that gives off too much smoke or gives you far less heat per kilo than it is capable of.
  • Snuff that smouldering fire! It will only waste fuel without heating your home. You should have a fire that burns brightly and gives out a lot of heat.
  • To get the most out of your stove, rake the coals that remain after a fire in a heap to the mouth of the air inlet. When you add more firewood to that, do so about three at a time. Place these behind the heated coals or on top of them. This is the best way of re-igniting the fire as quickly as possible into a blaze.
  • Lastly, clean your stove of ash often.

If you already own a wood stove, follow the rules above. If you don’t, then it doesn’t mean that you should avoid them altogether. You will find, when shopping around for woodburning stoves, London has many quality fireplace and stove shops that will offer you EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified models. Get your stove installed by a certified professional, and you will have taken the first step towards giving your family a clean, warm winter.

It is important to know what wood burning stove parts you need to keep your wood burning stove working at optimal efficiency. Take time to research the topic on the internet or get a book at a library or bookstore on the topic so you know how to keep it working. Plenty of websites and stores are devoted to selling the parts needed for such a stove. Keep in mind take time to research so you can get the best deal and the best product. Do not be afraid to go to a DIY store and ask for help if you are not sure about the way the stove works or what parts you may need.

Make sure when you purchase wood burning stove parts that you take into account what brand the stove is and find parts that will fit that brand and that type, as well. If you buy parts from another company they may not fit properly and they may cause the stove to not work at all or to work at a low level of efficiency. Researching online will allow you to find about the stove you own and where to get the parts you need at the best price.

Wood burning stove parts that may stop working or may need to be replaced include the catalytic combustors, screens, lids, spring handles, and many other parts. Keep in mind if you are not sure why your stove is not working ask a professional or someone that knows wood stoves. Take all safety precautions when fixing a stove and make sure if you cannot do it you find someone that can do the job. The internet and books provide a vast array of information on the subject of wood burning stoves even for the novice that knows very little about the stoves.

When you are purchasing parts for your wood burning stove make sure to shop around this will help you to save money and find what you are looking for, as well. Stoves can malfunction at any time so be prepared to know about your stove so when it is not working well or at all you can fix it. Wood burning stoves are a relic of past times and can keep a house warm as well as bake goodies. Taking time to know your stove and the resources available will pay off when the stove is not working like it used to.

When it comes to having to pick out the right camping equipment, being that there’s so many different categories and types, it can make your head spin! This includes camping stoves. They are found in a large amount of types and cost. If you want your searching to be a pleasant one, make sure you know these crucial things.

When looking for a camping stove, the options are almost endless. There are smaller, compact stoves that can be carried easily from one location to the next. Some camping stoves are larger and feature many of the same options available on traditional stoves, such as warming areas and ovens that allow the chef to bake items. Even though the majority of stoves that are mobile run off of propane, you’ll find that there are some will run off of electricity or charcoal.

The first factor to consider when purchasing a stove for camping is the amount of food the stove will be used to cook. If you anticipate cooking for larger crowds of five or more people, consider purchasing a larger stove that holds more food. You may want to search for a camping stove that contains burners that are bigger in size or that possess more than two burners. Otherwise, a smaller stove with two burners will probably fit your needs.

It is also important to consider the campground’s resources. Many campgrounds do not offer electricity. If this is the case, you will need a stove that runs on propane or charcoal. In addition, look to see the area where you plan on setting up camp gives propane refills for those that think about vacationing for a while.

The cost and how much money you have available will also be an important factor that you’ll have to weigh in. Although most stoves for camping are reasonably priced and can be found for less than $100, many stoves that have extra features can be much more expensive. Deciding ahead of time how much your budget will allow can definitely make the decision making process easier. Finally, remember that stoves for camping will require certain accessories. The usual stove accessories & parts that most people will need include fuel, an extra bottle adapter for propane tanks, a carrying case, a protective cover, and cooking supplies and utensils. A lot of stoves, in fact the majority, come already with these accessories on hand. However, cooking utensils and supplies must usually be purchased separately. Choosing a stove that fits your needs does not have to be overwhelming as long as you know exactly what you are looking for. Remember to keep your needs in mind while shopping because purchasing the right camping gear will definitely make your camping experience fun, relaxing, and enjoyable.

Gas stoves and gas cooking ranges are popularly and widely used in most of the homes. It is undoubtedly one of the most indispensable devices used for cooking food. Although people use electric stoves, the convenience and efficiency of gas cooking ranges can seldom be replaced. Moreover, it is quite easy to regulate these stoves.

There are a wide number of beneficial features which are associated with the use of these stoves. Most people prefer to use these cooking devices as it offers regulated heat while cooking food. The heat distribution is even and as a result the cooking process is expedited which also helps to save on fuel consumption. Moreover, these stoves utilize LPG fuel which is more cost effective than the other types of energy sources.

However, there are some essential facts to remember while using these stoves.

Equipment: To maximize the usage of cooking ranges, it is important to know more about these devices, its functions and parts. Gas stoves have different parts such as the burners, control panels, valves and thermostats. It is important to know the function of each part so that it can be operated easily. These stoves can be used during power outages too and therefore it is considered to be quite reliable.

Follow Procedures: It is essential to follow the operational procedures while using the cooking equipments. Most of these cooking ranges have an operational manual attached to it. It is easy to follow the instructions and use the stove accordingly. This will also help to identify if there are problems with the stove.

Maintenance: These stoves require proper cleaning and maintenance so that it functions appropriately for a long period of time. The gas burners should be cleaned periodically so that it does not get clogged. Sometimes, food residues may get trapped in the burners which can lead to low flame, red colored flames or no flames at all. The burners may not light up at all due to these problems. In such cases, it is essential to repair the stoves with the help of professional assistance. It is important to know when the stove requires repairs so it functions efficiently for a longer period of time.

Effective Cleaning Guidelines: It is significant to know how to clean these stoves properly so that it exhibits maximum performance and efficiency. Remove all the detachable parts such as the ring burners, drip pans and so forth before cleaning the stove. Use the right type of sponge and cleansers to clean the stoves. It is necessary to clean the stoves frequently as constant usage can lead to the accumulation of dirt and grime.

Today various types of gas stoves can be bought from online stores at various price rates. There are small stoves too which are portable and efficient. It is quite easy to find small stoves from many of the online stores as most of the reputed companies manufacture these types of cooking devices.

Pellet stoves are expensive. They may offer a less expensive heating solution for your home, but the initial cash outlay can often be prohibitive. While it’s generally true that you have to spend money to save money, a lot of people are looking for less expensive alternatives, but they don’t want to sacrifice quality in order to buy a cheap pellet stove. They wonder if it’s really worth paying the extra to buy an expensive one. What are the extras you get for the extra money, and is the increased value worth the extra money involved? Even more to the point, is there really such a thing as a cheap pellet stove?

Let’s start with the last question first. What exactly is a cheap pellet stove? If you search for pellet stoves online, you’ll find that most of them are in the price range of $1700 to $2500 and up. The cheapest new pellet stove I found was $875. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t consider $875 a cheap price for anything. However, if you compare it to the other models online, I guess you could call it cheaper. You can find inexpensive models on eBay, but when you read the fine print, you’ll see that they are either used or refurbished. If that isn’t an issue with you, then you may be able to find a used stove for as little as $300.

So, is a more expensive stove going to do a better job of heating your home, and is it worth spending the extra money? The answer for most people is yes. For starters, the more expensive stoves are much more aesthetically pleasing than the less expensive models and blend in with your décor more nicely. They have large windows so you can sit and watch the fire burning. The high-end stoves are built to be sturdier and last longer. In addition, they have more safety and self-cleaning features than you get on the cheap pellet stoves. The better stoves have separate storage units built in where you can store extra wood, and both the pellet and ash bins are larger so that you don’t have to take care of them as often.

It’s pretty much up to you to decide, though, if you want to spend the additional cash to get features like these or if all you’re looking for is to heat your home less expensively.