Can you imagine life without a microwave oven? I can’t. They’ve just become so much part of our day-to-day lives.

Ironically, the functionality of the microwave oven was discovered by accident. In 1945, Percy Spencer, an engineer from America, was busy working on radar systems using magnetrons. Magnetrons emit microwaves. Spencer decided to stop for a snack only to discover his candy bar had totally melted. Putting two and two together, he reasoned it was the effect of the microwaves that had cause the chocolate to melt.

And so the idea of cooking with microwaves was born.

It’s extraordinary how these ovens work. We can toss a plate of last night’s dinner into the oven, set the timer for 1-2 minutes and end up with an evenly warmed plate of food. A child can heat up a bag of popcorn. A couple of minutes later and hey presto, freshly popped, hot corn. Microwave ovens are practically magic.

When food is placed inside a microwave oven, radio waves are emitted. These are absorbed by the food and cause some of the atoms to move faster. In turn this motions causes heat to be generated which cooks the food.

Because it is only the atoms of the food that absorb the energy the air inside the oven remains at the same temperature- meaning we don’t waste energy heating empty space.

But do they harm our health? From the very first day that microwave ovens were used concerns were expressed about their safety. Is cooking food with radio waves dangerous? Rest assured, according to numerous studies, there is no known health risk associated with using a microwave. Why? Because the oven uses non-ionizing radio waves which do not cause mutation of our DNA in the same way that ionizing radiation does.

Of course you still have to check your oven for wear and leaks in the same way you would with any other household appliance.

Microwaves are not only safe and efficient they’re versatile as well. Most people associate microwave ovens with heating up yesterday’s left overs but there is a growing awareness that microwave ovens can be used to cook entire meals from scratch including cakes and bread as well as deserts. One of my favourites is the cake-in-a-mug – a chocolate cake in less than 5 minutes.

What really came as a surprise for me was in discovering the range of non-cooking uses for my oven. For instance did you know you could fuse glass, dry flowers, heat wax (for your legs) or heat a pad to sooth aching muscles – all in your oven?

But what I love best about my microwave oven is the price! They are just so affordable there are very few people who can’t afford to splash out $ 50 for a basic model. Of course you can add on a range of extras, get a larger oven or one that heats superfast but even then you’d rarely need to pay more than a few $ 100.

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Nowadays, people are careful about how they locate appliances in their kitchens. This is related to the issue on kitchen space and the importance of the continuity of your movements when you are working in your kitchen. They come up with the solution that toaster ovens can be mounted under their cabinets. Besides the fact that it makes kitchen activities easier, it also adds beauty to their kitchen interior and organizes it. Black and Decker toaster ovens are often the ones mounted on toaster ovens because they are appropriate and trusted especially when it concerns safety of the kitchen. Mounting it under your cabinet is not so easy. This guide will assist you in doing it.

Unpack all the contents of the toaster oven installation kit. You have to make sure that everything is complete – the mounting washers, spacers, and even each screw should all be there. The template is very important too. This is a pattern paper where you will base your installation. A great consideration is required in choosing the area where you will put your toaster oven. It should be near an electric outlet, not over the sink and other cooking or heating equipments, not any near to the cabinet lights, and at least 4 inches away from your kitchen walls or any surface.

First, make sure that your location has a flat bottom. Remove the deflector of the toaster oven by pulling it slightly forward on the hood. The front hooks and the hooks at the rear will be released. Second, place the mounting template at the bottom part of the cabinet and align it with the template. Secure the location as well as the screw holes. Third, using a ¼ inch drill, drill the 4 holes spotted on the template from under the cabinet. Remove the template and clean all the dust from the drilling. Put the washer in the cabinet and align it over the 4 holes. Next, make sure the hood is in place and align the front part to the front edge of your cabinet. The holes on the cabinet that you drilled should also be aligned with the holes on the hood. Secure the screws down the holes and make sure that you tighten them. This is very important because the toaster oven should be stable all throughout. Tightening and making sure that it is secure will avoid it from shaking and moving when you use it. After securing the hood, you can now lift your toaster oven. Engage the rear hooks followed by the front hooks. Black and Decker Toaster Ovens have cord management at the back of the device so any extra cord can easily be hung behind it. Lastly, place your toaster oven on the hood. Clean the interiors and the exteriors of the oven. Take bread or any meal, plug your toaster, and test your newly mounted toaster oven!

Installing your toaster oven will take time but it will surely be worth it. An instruction manual is very helpful in doing it too. You also have the option of calling a professional to do the job. Having your toaster oven mounted will definitely delight you in every way you can imagine.

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When technology is raising its hands towards you for your own benefit, what is the point of not holding it? We are talking about the revolutionary invention in the arena of cooking which constructed a new bridge between kitchen and science called microwave oven. The microwave ovens have become one of the most popular and now the most useful electronic appliances of the kitchen. You, no doubt, are a wonderful homemaker and an incredible cook.

But the idea is to depreciate your work load and reduce the time that you spend in kitchen making one dish or the other for your lovely family and rather lovelier spouse. And for that you need a microwave oven which would work as your assistant.Now that you have made up your mind to buy this assistant, you better know where to buy them from. IFB and Samsung are two names that are giving you enormous variety of microwave ovens at reasonable cost and along with efficient technology.

IFB is not a very popular name generally,but in the industry of electronic appliances, everyone is pretty familiar with the name and they are also aware of the performance that IFB devices give. Now talking of IFB Microwave ovens, the oven that steals the show for its suitability to the usual buyers of ovens is IFB 20SC2 20 L Convection. This is a Grill and Convection microwave oven that has a capacity of 20 litres. The oven produces 3 dimensional wave and has got 10 Variable Cooking Power Levels. The oven gives the option of Multi-Stage Cooking and Child Safety Lock.Possessing a Feather Touch Programme Panel, the oven overall consumes 2000 watts of power and arrives with a warranty of 1 year. Though this oven possesses so many commendable traits, the price of the oven is still very low.

Another brand that you can dedicate a glance to is Samsung because the Samsung Microwave ovens are amazing to look at and more amazing to work with. The oven from Samsung that we would be recommending you is the Samsung GW73CD-B/XTL 20L.This is a 20 l microwave oven that has features like Heat Source Grill Combi, Power Source 230V/50Hz, Output Power (w) 950W, Power consumption (W) 1,100W, Control method Membrane, Door opening type Pocket Handle, Power Level 6, Cooking stages, Weight/Serving Control, One Minute/30 sec plus and Defrost (Auto/Power/Sensor). The affordable price of the oven is another feature that makes it pretty likely to be bought.

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The wish of every kitchen is to have all the kitchen accessories and appliances available in the market which is a little difficult o be accomplished. But the need of the kitchen to hold the required accessories and kitchen appliances that come in use regularly or pretty often shall be fulfilled without any ado. One of the appliances that have recently turned from a ‘should be’ device to ‘must be’ equipment is the microwave oven.

And when it is being talked about this extremely essential, one thing that naturally becomes essential to talk about is the brand from which it can be bought. LG and IFB are the two names, out of which former has been established because of its good market image and the latter is coming up at a great pace because of its credible products and superb services.IFB appliances have become popular and are continuing to become more for the features that it has and are most looked for in any electronic equipment like efficiency, Quality, life and performance.

Although an IFB Microwave Oven is available in different models, the one which is getting the most fame and the one which in the highest demand is the 17PG1S. This amazing microwave oven has got numerous stupendous attributes, all of which will make your work easy and will eliminate the mess from your life. It has got 4 Power Levels out of which the Defrost Power Level is the best one. Also, there are 3 options available in the Grill which comes with Combi-Tec.To make your cooking process smoother, 3 Standardized Cooking Menus have been added in this IFB oven.

The oven has a capacity of 17ltrs and the power source of 230 V has made the IFB 17PG1S Microwave Oven reviews much better than the reviews of other microwave ovens being offered by other brands. However, the reviews of LG ovens are also turning up in a good form. Another alluring feature that has given this oven a good position amongst the most liked ovens is the Flexi Power Control. The oven consumes a power of 1200 W in microwave and 900W in grill.Because of the 1 year warranty and many other features, 17PG1S oven and many others from IFB, it is being liked by the kitchen makers of the entire country. And probably that is the reason why IFB is able to give strict competition to an already established brand LG.

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The importance of food can never be understated and this is why the kitchen is often considered the hub of family life. Yes, the living room may be where the TV is and this is where people hang out or the dining room may see the family sit down together to enjoy a meal but the kitchen is where the cooking takes place. No matter what size of family or home you have kitchen appliances like cookers and ovens are essential for the dining process and will be an integral part of any modern home. The choice of products available to choose from is fairly wide so no matter your budget or what you are looking for, there should be something to help you cook.

One of the most important appliances in recent years has to be the microwave oven and many homes have one. The simplicity of the oven and the fact that it can greatly reduce the amount of time taken to cook food has made it an essential part of any home. The pace of modern life is such that there is not the same time to spend labouring over meals and many people have to cook food and eat on the run. Microwave ovens are a great way for heating something up and saving time when it comes to food preparation.

Not everyone wants to rush through their food preparation though and cooking a meal is something that a lot of people get a lot of enjoyment from. This is where good quality cookers and ovens can be a great asset in the kitchen as they provide the platform to allow people to make sumptuous meals. There is a sense of pride that comes cooking a proper meal and this is something that people take a lot of satisfaction from. Having a quality oven or cooker in the home can provide people with the confidence to cook a lot more and try their hand at more adventurous meals.

Depending on the utilities you have in your home, there may be a requirement to buy a style of cooker or oven. This will not be a problem though as there are many electric and gas ovens and cookers, of all different sizes. No matter what sort of space you have in the kitchen, it should be possible to find something that fits the space and your requirements for cooking.

Find a great range of freestanding cookers and other essential electrical appliances online for low prices and quick delivery.

Our environment can have as much impact on our health as food and water. Smoking three to four packs of cigarettes a day can totally negate the healthful benefits of a steady diet consisting of organic vegetables, meats, fish, grains and dairy products. There are not enough vitamins, minerals, proteins or carbohydrates in the world to offset the harmful effects of smoking.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), half the world’s population depends on fuel wood, charcoal, coal, grass, bark and even dried animal dung for fuel to cook their daily meals. Most of these cooking fires are inside huts or shelters, resulting in an environment of toxic smoke and fumes. Experts have determined that by breathing the smoke from cooking two meals per day is the equivalent of smoking two to three packs of cigarettes per day.

The EPA considers clean air to contain less than 16 micrograms of fine particles per cubic meter. A smoke alarm will respond to five times that amount. Just three hundred times that much can be deadly over a prolonged period of time. As a Boy Scout, and even today, I enjoy the smell of burning wood from a campfire or even a pile of burning leaves. I am totally oblivious to the contents of the swirling column of toxic chemical agents such as benzene, dioxin, formaldehyde, styrene, methylene chloride and butadiene. Each item of wood, leaf, bark, and grass contributes its own share of poisonous compounds to the enjoyable aroma.

Indoor smoke kills a million and a half people annually according to WHO. Smoke from cooking fires can be traced to a long list of debilitating ailments including pneumonia, bronchitis, emphysema, cataracts, cancers, heart disease, high blood pressure, tuberculosis, brain damage, cleft palate and other various deformities. Deforestation and global warming has brought worldwide attention to the rising smoke from third world kitchens.

The average cooking fire produces as much air pollution as an idling automobile engine, with a great deal more carbon, a substance seven times more warming to the earth since carbon absorbs sunlight and releases heat. A single gram of carbon warms the earth’s atmosphere equally as much as a 1500 watt heater running for 168 hours.

You are asking, all right already, what does any of this have to do with healthy chocolate chip cookies or solar ovens?

o Sun ovens cook with the power of sunlight, releasing no harmful polluting by-products.
o The energy from the sun is clean and, what is more, it is free.

Consequently, you are not breathing toxic smoke or polluting the atmosphere as do cooking fires, gas stoves or ovens, electric stoves and ovens that derive their energy from coal-fired generation plants.

Therefore, regardless of what foods you cook or bake in a sun oven, you and your environment will be healthier. Therefore, cookies baked in a solar oven are healthier, even chocolate chip.

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Camp Dutch ovens are among the most favorite tools for campers the world over. As far as outdoor cooking goes, one can stew, bake, fry, simmer and roast over a campfire using these camp Dutch ovens. When one is cooking with a Dutch oven, some of the trickiest parts are how to control portion sizes and heat levels.

Preparing Camp Dutch Ovens for Use

The very first thing one has to do before the cooking gets underway is to prepare the camping ovens by pre-treating them before they are used for the very first time. In order to pre-treat the Dutch oven, first wash it, towel dry it and then just let it air dry as you go to preheat your home oven to a temperature of 350 degrees F.

When the home oven is ready, put the Dutch oven as well as the lid on the center rack of your oven. Monitor what is happening inside the oven and when the Dutch oven plus the lid are hot to your touch, take them out from the oven and wipe both pieces, both inside and out, very well with either vegetable, peanut or olive oil. Then put both pieces of the camping ovens back in your home oven and let them cook for a one hour period. When the hour is up, remove the two pieces of the Dutch oven and let them cool.

Now wipe just the insides of both parts of the Dutch oven with oil. Now the camp Dutch ovens are ready to be used or stored for when you will want to use them.

How to Cook with Camping Ovens

The first thing you must do is to prepare the coals. You will have to lay down two times the amount of coals compared to your Dutch oven’s size. If the size of your oven is 12″, then you must have 24 to 25 coals. Deep camping ovens will need more coals; if the day is windy or cold, you will have to have more coals. Also, if you are cooking a large amount of food, you will also need more coals. Many things will play a part in the amount of heat that the coals produce, so you may have to experiment for a time in order to get the right proportions.

Arrange the coals by putting them in a circle under the Dutch oven about half from its edge. When placing the coals on top of the oven, you will have to arrange them across and around the lid. Try to keep the coals as evenly apart as possible so that hot spots will not be created.

Fill the camp Dutch ovens with the food you want cooked. Add all ingredients according to directions. Now place the camping ovens on the coals making sure to seat the oven as steadily as possible. Cover the oven with its lid and then place the number of coals that you need on the lid.

Begin rotating the oven. Most foods will require that for outdoor cooking you rotate the Dutch oven so that any hot spots will be avoided. When the oven is rotated, remove the lid. The coals do not have to first be removed if the lid has a little lip around its edge in order to catch the coals and dust. As you rotate the camp Dutch ovens, keep stirring the food making sure that all of it is cooking as it should. Replace the lid with the coals on top. Isn’t this a fun way to do some outdoor cooking?

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Each of the kitchen equipments which comes into the usage of the kitchen friendly people are of great importance without which imagining out of tastier dishes is somehow impossible. The kitchenette appliances such as Neff ovens, cooker hoods, gas stoves, water coolers etc are the needed device for our households which helps us out in various kitchen tasks so that all of our works get completed within few countable minutes. Neff electrical Oven can be purchased from home gadget selling shop or from the online stores by paying the price of £449.98. Though there is no hard and fast rule that from each of the shopping store you may see the same price rates. It could be flexible too so that you can pocket few of your more bugs which you have earned from such hard work.

Cheap Neff Ovens are one of the most useful cooking appliance which can add an unforgettable taste in your dishes as it uses the technology of microwaves so to cook the uncooked stuffs places into it such as marinated raw chicken, nuts cake dough, biscuits, pizza’s, burgers, bread, vegetables like spicy lady finger, mushrooms and cauliflowers and so on. There are many models of Neff ovens and its new series in the market can surprise you with its elegant appearance. For example, Neff B6774, b1432, U16E74N0GB, B14M42N0GB Multifunction Oven etc are made in stainless steel which cooks out cooking items in some of the calculative times and if you see any kinds of spot on its body you can clean it of with wet water without worrying of stains and rust.

Best part of these Cheap Ovens is this it comes with attached cooking stoves with the burners of 1-5 enabling you to prepare items on the burners in boiled, fried or baked kinds. An oven should be placed in our kitchen area because it comes in our help when e need them the most. Many a times you must have countered a situation when you wanted to surprise your any of the family member by bringing his/her desired cake in the flavors of vanilla, pineapple, chocolate and so on but as you went to the cake shop it was seen closed. Now, what was the first idea which came into your mind and which spread an an unending smile on your face automatically? No doubt, it was the idea of preparing delicious cake using your Neff oven and this idea is really appreciating because receiver of that cake would get so nostalgic after seeing your gesture in such a wonderful manners.

Well, one has to keep a good care of their kitchenette equipments because if all of it are giving us a promising service then it is rigorous to give them needed care. Plug it off as your works get completed. So, keep cooking and enjoy savoring delicious items.

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If you intend to add another appliance in your kitchen, you have to take note of the benefits that you can gain from purchasing an additional item. No matter how expensive or cheap the appliance is, you should make sure that you have numerous gains from it.

Everybody knows that an oven is indeed an essential item in the kitchen. With this kitchen appliance, you can make scrumptious main courses, rich desserts and tasty snacks for you and the whole family. However, you have to consider a number of factors before purchasing the latest or the grandest oven that you can find in the market. First, you must find out how much space it would occupy in your kitchen. If your kitchen is large and spacious, then you do not have to worry about having another item placed in it. Those with small kitchens should lean more towards the compact, streamlined and sleek design of ovens. Otherwise, a bulky oven will only leave you with too little workspace in the kitchen. Another consideration is the functions of the oven. A great buy is one that can perform multiple functions at such a reasonable price. If that oven can bake, broil, grill, fry and do so much more, then it is safe to say that the item is a good buy.

However, in case you do consider an appliance that has more purpose in it than a Swiss Army knife, make sure that it comes with a durable construction that will last for several years. You would not want to splurge on an item that will wear out after a few months or a year. Thus, if you are interested in a truly functional yet highly durable cooking appliance, you might want to consider the Nesco Jet Stream Oven.

This oven offers so much for your cooking pleasure. You can make a variety of recipes in one neat appliance. The Jet Stream Oven lets you bake rolls and other delicacies, broil or grill meats and fry any food item you want. Moreover, you can even cook multiple dishes at the same time. It comes with wire racks where you can place different types of food and cook all of those in one go. This feature is surely time saving because you can make several dishes in only a maximum of ten minutes.

Aside from the great advancement in cooking, you will also have a breeze cleaning up the oven after use. The Jet Stream Oven is dishwasher-safe, thus giving you plenty of time to do other important things instead of scrubbing and tidying up the oven for hours.

Hence, make the wise decision of purchasing this oven for your kitchen. This is very useful for everyday meal preparation and for huge gatherings at home. The oven has a large capacity, and it can even accommodate an entire turkey. Just imagine how convenient it is to make roasted turkey for your next family dinner. You need not own a bulky gas range just to make the best gourmet meals in an instant. With a Jet Stream Oven, you can be an instant top chef with all the amazing meals that you can make in only a matter of minutes.

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If you adore cooking, the oven is probably one of your best friends in the kitchen and practically speaking, without it chances are your cooking skills (no matter how good) can be diminished in half since almost all the succulent meals are cooked via the oven. So here’s a list of different kinds of ovens and its use for the home chef wannabe -

Dutch Ovens – these three-legged pots are usually made of iron which is traditionally used in open fire so they are great for any outdoor activity. It is designed to make cooking a faster especially with frying, roasting and even steaming.

Range Ovens – You can now enjoy meals cooked in restaurants in the comfort of your very own home by owning this kind of oven. They are commonly used in indoors and since it uses constant fire, these ovens are practically helpful when you want to cook foods which are intended to be cooked gradually.

Pizza Ovens – yes, there is such an oven so you can just imagine how many pizza lovers are out there. Especially designed to cook pizza you should definitely own one if the pizza is a regular meal in your household and you want to try your own recipe and not just the typical commercial pizzas.

Toaster Ovens – These ovens are perfect for cooking meat, fish or pizza. These types provide slow and moderate to high heating capacity.

Self Cleaning ovens / Pyrolytic Ovens – now we all know how your ovens can become dirty and nasty in prolong use and these ovens are designed to save you the hassle of manually scraping that residue stuck inside your oven. Though there have been reports that the fumes released from these types of ovens can be harmful. So chose wisely.

Using your oven regularly requires that you clean it frequently as well. But if you don’t have the time and often even the proper skill and know-how to properly clean your oven without damaging it you can always count on a professional oven cleaning service. Just choose an affordable yet quality oven cleaner and you can get your oven cleaned professionally at a very reasonable price. Keeping your oven clean and working properly need not be a hassle. Enjoy more time cooking and leave the “dirty work” to the pro oven cleaner.

So make sure you get your oven cleaning done professionally by a well-trained oven cleaner