PRO304GASBI | Bertazzoni Professional 30 Gas Range, 4 Burners, Natural Gas – Bianco White

PRO304GASBI | Bertazzoni Professional 30 Gas Range, 4 Burners, Natural Gas - Bianco White

  • 4 Sealed Brass Burners
  • 3.6 cu. ft. Convection Oven
  • Manual Clean
  • Storage Compartment
  • Telescopic Glide Shelf

Bertazzoni PRO304GASBI 30 Pro-Style Gas Range with 4 Sealed Brass Burners, 3.6 cu. ft. Convection Oven, Manual Clean, Storage Compartment and Telescopic Glide Shelf: White, Natural Gas



PRO366GASAR | Bertazzoni Professional 36 Gas Range, 6 Burners, Natural Gas – Arancio Orange

PRO366GASAR | Bertazzoni Professional 36 Gas Range, 6 Burners, Natural Gas - Arancio Orange

  • 6 Sealed Brass Burners
  • 4.4 cu. ft. Convection Oven
  • Manual Clean
  • Storage Compartment
  • Telescopic Glide Shelf

Bertazzoni PRO366GASAR 36 Pro-Style Gas Range with 6 Sealed Brass Burners, 4.4 cu. ft. Convection Oven, Manual Clean, Storage Compartment and Telescopic Glide Shelf: Orange, Natural Gas

Price: $ 5,468.00

If you are looking to replace your oven or buy a new one, you may be trying to find ovens that fit your particular need. The search may seem to be an overwhelming one, considering the many options that are available to you on the market. However you can use the points below to find ranges or other kinds of ovens suitable for you.

Cleaning If you hate to spend your precious time scrubbing and scraping to clean an oven, you may need to find ovens that are very easy to clean. Those with the self cleaning feature may be best in this case. In addition, ensure that you can easily reach food surfaces in case there is any spillage you would like to manually clean.

Controls and display It is very important that you find ranges that have displays that can be easily understood and read from a distance. These should at least be showing a timer and the oven temperature. In terms of your controls, the simpler they are to be used, the better it will be for you.

Size the size of the oven should be one of the most important factors for you. Ensure that you measure the height and width of our space before buying the oven. If you are a frequent cooker of large meals you should seek to find ovens that are large enough to allow this.

Lighting It is always best to find ovens that have lighting on the inside. This will allow you to monitor your progress in cooking without having to constantly open the door. As a result, you will be able to maintain a constant temperature for the duration of cooking, resulting in better cooking efficiency.

Alarms and Timers Its best to find ranges that give you the option of a digital timer. The more modern ovens will have timers which can be programmed to give you a delayed start and more. The best timers are those that give you the option to use multiple timers at a time.

Good insulation A good oven will not have a very hot exterior even if its interior is very hot. As a result, ovens that have good insulation are safer for using around children. These may be more expensive to buy, but they are cheaper to maintain in terms of the amount of electricity or gas that they will need.

Storage Drawer Many persons love the fact that some ovens provide a storage drawer at the bottom, where frying pans and pots can be stored. However, not all oven provide this option so if this is a feature that you most definitely want, be sure to find ranges with this specific option.

Indicator for Preheating Most, if not all recipes will require of you to preheat the oven before beginning. As a result, having an indicator on the oven to tell you when the oven has reached the appropriate temperature will be much better instead of having to guess.

Warranties Warranties are very important incase anything should happen to your stove. Try to find ovens that have long warranties as it is believed that the longer the warranty the better the oven.

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If you have a love for cooking and baking then the likelihood is that both form a big part of your daily routine and your life and therefore it is really important to choose the right equipment, from the cake tin or spatula, right up to the oven. There are many kinds of ovens available in market today and the one you go for will almost definitely depend on your personal requirements and needs regarding the kitchen and your lifestyle.

By comparing products online, you will be able to see product details and specifications as well as customer reviews and feedback and you will also be able to see exactly what you can get for your money. This way you will be able to select the right model first time when faced with a wide range of ovens.

The convection ovens have the latest technology and are extremely popular with oven users. The reason for this popularity is that these ovens can bake more food than one plate at a time and at a quicker rate than other standard ovens available in market. Almost all cafes and restaurants prefer to use this kind of oven as they get many orders at the same time and these orders have to be attended to in a short space of time. The convection oven is a massive help as its air gets evenly distributed and it has capability to heat the food faster than standard ovens.

If you are not sure whether to buy a single oven or a double one, base your decision on your requirements such as the number of people you are cooking for. However the most important principle of working remains unchanged. The thermal or radiant oven has the heat radiating in upward direction and the cold air goes down in order to get hot as well.

If you are looking for a better method to cook your food, then you should think of buying the steam oven for the kitchen as they are built to generate heat when you are cooking from a water tank that can be refilled. This clearly means that there isn’t any need for direct plumbing connections for installing it. The latest innovation in this sector is the microwave oven. They are a combination of cooking stove and an oven in a small way. However you need to learn to adjust time for cooking for using the microwave oven effectively.

And lastly the combination ovens have different heating and cooking choices put together. The combinations that can be obtained may include microwave-convection, convection-radiant conventional and some others.

When it comes to discount cookers and ovens, the biggest choice can be found online and include Hotpoint ovens, Bosch cookers and many more.

In Online kitchen appliances market there are lots of warehouses trying to sell you kitchen appliances but it’s recommended that you use a specialist kitchen appliance retailer who supports their customers. You are must check for online schemes, coupons and discounts. Many companies are selling some types of ovens in Australia.

Multifunction oven

Multifunction ovens can combine five or more cooking options all in the one oven, but the more confusing it can be–and more expensive. With heating elements at the plus a grill and fan, these ovens cover a variety of cooking options. Some even have functions for pizzas, defrosting, and steaming options. Multifunction oven types are ovens that can be used in various cooking methods such as conventional cooking, grilling, baking and fan-assisted cooking. Our new VEO7001 70 CM Multifunction Oven available with the 2 hour stop timer and grill & fan function.

Fan forced oven

Fan-forced is great for cooking different kinds of food at the same time on different shelves, as long as they all need the same cooking temperature. Heat is circulated by a fan for even distribution. This works best for roasts, cakes, casseroles and baked foods. Temperatures and cooking times are reduced slightly compared with the cooking function. The oven is necessary for most foods and kitchen Appliances.

Electronic Oven

An Electronic oven can quickly add easily update a worn-out kitchen. Built in ovens have to be fitted into high kitchen units at about shoulder height. There are not many gas double ovens available as most use electricity. Electric oven take longer to heat and it can be harder to adjust the heat levels if specific temperatures are required.

Gas Cooktop

Gas cooktopsmay be just the thing to kick-start your kitchen’s modern over. Ceramic plates are known for their ability to evenly heat, so all of your food will be cooked. The best thing about cooktops nowadays is that there are a lot to select ranging from induction and gas cooktops. Burners Offer a Greater paradise kitchen’s new gas cooktops with dual-flame technology, which provides the complete flexibility of a 140-degree simmer to a rapid boil on each of the cook top’s burners.

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The cast iron Dutch Oven has been around for hundreds of years. Although the basic design was first discovered in the Netherlands, an Englishman in the early 1700s developed a version that was produced for England, and eventually found its way to the American Colonies.

Over the years, the Dutch Oven has endured several modifications to make them a more flexible cooking vessel. Legs were added so the pot could sit above the coals and avoid hot spots, and a rimmed lid was formed to allow coals to sit on top. Shallower pots and various accessories make today’s version a versatile addition to anyone’s kitchen.

Although modern Dutch Ovens come in cast iron, aluminum, and enameled, it is the non-enamel cast iron version that is found at the campground. Because coals can be used on the top and bottom, resulting in an “oven” like cooking vessel, it can be used to cook anything from chuck wagon stew to bread. Used properly, it acts like a modern day crock pot – cooking slowly and evenly over a long period of time, without the electricity, making it perfect for camping.

Cooking with a cast iron Dutch Oven takes a little time to learn. There are a lot of charts available, and most cookbooks created especially for cast iron Dutch Ovens will detail the number of coals needed and how they should be placed above and below the pot. To ensure a successful dish, it is important to follow the directions including coal counts and position, through out the entire cooking process.

Even though the Dutch Oven has evolved over time, like its pioneer predecessor, it still has to be seasoned properly. Pre-seasoned pots can be purchased, but performing the initial seasoning teaches the user why it is important to keep the pot clean and oiled, even if it’s going to be stored. Improper care can cause rust and pitting of the surface of the pot. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for seasoning and care, and the cast iron pot will last for several years.

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Cooking apparatus are always the subjects of great attractions among the food lovers worldwide. The designs of pizza ovens are always different for the outdoor or indoor purposes. At present, pizza ovens designed for outside have become the hottest trend among all the food lovers throughout the world. The ovens designed for the outdoor uses, are the best options to arrange a moderately big party in your backyard. The pizza ovens have heat sources and heat chamber integrated for baking. You might get smoke chambers added to the new products to serve your dishes a traditional taste, a smoky appearance. The ovens are made very well and they are fully made of stainless steel. They are unbreakable and remain intact after repeated uses. The providers guarantee their products for the durability. If you want to impress your friends with your cooking excellence you can surely get one for your personal use.

The suppliers are now introducing new features embedded inside the newly made ovens. The common things which are used in newly made ovens are professional pizza stones and the precision control apparatus. They are always integrated in the common pizza ovens. The baking stones used here are always chosen carefully as they are the most important part of a pizza oven. They are quite different from the natural stones. They are proved unbreakable and are capable of use for multiple times. The stones are capable of transferring heats and they are commonly used as the heat sources. You can control the temperature within the limit 250-800 degrees with your precision control mechanism. You can get all the pizzas baked with your pizza oven in a very short time. You have to select the best one for you and you are just a step away from the purchase.

The pizza ovens that have recently reached to the markets are very easy-to-use products. They need no installation procedures. They are following the plug and play system. They are found in all the configurations. You just have to connect your pizza oven with the gas supply line. The outdoor pizza ovens have become a necessary outdoor cooking instrument for the pizza lovers.

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You know, it’s kind of funny.  I’m a HUGE barbeque lover (or barbecue, if you want to get finicky and spell it correctly), and I always thought that in order to get some good BBQ I had to do one of two things; either head down to a real barbeque restaurant and pony up some money to buy it, or my other option was to fire up my gas or charcoal grill in the back yard and cook it myself.  Well…I was wrong.

When I recently went on an extended vacation in a rental house and found that there was neither a grill or a nearby BBQ shack…I got kind of worried.  Fortunately, I had the internet though!  I found out that it really is possible to fix up some mouth watering BBQ right in my own kitchen using the electric oven (that was all I had).

In addition to learning that there ARE other ways to prepare bbq, the other advantage I found to fixing my barbecue fix in the oven was that I didn’t need to babysit my food nearly as much while it was cooking. 

Now I’ll admit it – there are times when the ‘babysitting’ is half the fun.  Standing over the grill out back with a beer in hand, poking and prodding the meat and constantly flipping it from one side to the other.  In fact, without realizing it, I think I probably believed that this was part of the success of making good barbeque.  If you had told me that prepping some food and then putting it in the oven for hours on end, barely paying any attention to it could turn out something even close to half way good, I don’t think I would have believed you.  And again…I would have been wrong.

The broader lesson I learned is that when it comes to cooking, even when you’re successful with one technique, don’t necessarily shut yourself off from looking at others.  Experiment.  You don’t have to wait until it’s forced upon you like it was me (where I had no alternative but to try something different or else suffer through BBQ withdrawals.  THAT wasn’t going to happen!)

In this particular instance, I found my solution by doing a tiny bit of Googling. I was looking for ways to make BBQ chicken and/or how to cook spareribs in electric oven as an alternative to my usual gas or charcoal grills. I found a bunch of good sites and good suggestions, and was way more pleasantly surprised than I could have ever imagined.

The use of outdoor pizza ovens has become the current rage in the United States of America with many families who love the flavor and taste of homemade pizzas made in wood burning ovens. This concept is expected to catch on in a big way and may soon overtake barbecues as the main backyard attraction for parties where guests can even help make pizzas of their choice.

Return of Tradition
A pizza made in a traditional wood burning pizza oven has an original unique taste which nothing made in a normal oven can surpass. In a wood burning oven, the pizza is made on a brick or stone base that gives it the unique flavor that cannot be replicated if cooked in a normal oven. However, to make masonry pizza ovens used to be a big project and you had to call the experts in to do the work, making it pretty expensive. However, in United States of America there are, at present, many companies who have started making masonry pizza ovens in prefabricated modules, which can then be assembled at the location of choice; these pizza ovens are quite lightweight making them easy to assemble and put together at the location of choice.

Ease of Assembly
By purchasing this type of wood fired pizza oven, you have the option of getting the manufacturers to deliver the prefabricated pieces to the location of your choice; the assembly is quick because it is composed of interlocking prefabricated pieces which are joined by mortar. Because many companies are now manufacturing this type of ovens, the prices of these outdoor pizza ovens have come down quite considerably. These ovens are made to be safe for use, in a bid to prevent any unforeseen accidents; they have a noncombustible base, usually made of brick or metal, with no wood used anywhere. The manufacturers have done their best to duplicate the traditional wood burning pizza ovens.

Modern Fireplaces
The wood burning pizza ovens use wood as the main fuel which raises the temperature inside the oven to over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is what gives the pizzas and pies cooked inside this type of oven its unique flavor. Besides pizza ovens, many of the manufacturers are also experts in fireplace installation which have also become popular and are now standard fixtures even in apartments and condominiums. These fireplaces incorporate the latest technologies making them light and easy to install and can use a variety of fuels like wood, electricity or gas. Though fireplaces were at first a standard in independent homes and villas, the latest methods have helped people and families rekindle romance, family values as well as bringing warmth during the cold winter months.

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While most of us are familiar with domestic-use ovens, there are a number of large scale industrial requirements that need to rely on the use of specialized industrial ovens. They are used for operations such as heating, drying, curing, and burn-off. Right from the food industry to the metal working industry to the textile and leatherwork sector, have a high demand in several different industry verticals.

Using large scale it helps save time as multiple units can be put into the oven at a time. Batch ovens are used for heating or baking large batches. There are manufacturers that offer batch ovens in as many as twenty different sizes and variations. As is the case with other industrial devices, the performance also depends on how it has been manufactured. It is not uncommon to see manufacturers that offer ovens manufactured to custom standards. Custom Ovens might cost slightly more than standard ones, but they are a perfect fit in your application.

Here are some commonly seen types of Commercial industrial ovens:

· Burn off ovens: Heat is often the preferred choice of eliminating coatings and layers during a re-engineering or refurbishing process. It cater to this very requirement. Such ovens find use in heat cleaning motor stators, ridding paint from paint hooks, burn-off for automotive parts, and so on. They are used for efficiently removing combustible materials such as varnish, epoxy, paint, grease, oil, and rubber from metal parts.

· Drying ovens: Parts and components that go through a wash cycle need to be completely and thoroughly dried before they can be further processed. For instance, metal ready metal parts need to have absolutely no trace of water if they are to be painted effectively. Deciding factors while purchasing such ovens are a uniform circulation of heat and air.

· Curing ovens: Usually of two types—bench type and floor mount. Such ovens are used for curing (a heat-based process that makes a material harder, more stable, and tougher). This variety of industrial ovens can also be used for preheating or drying certain materials as a preparation for a subsequent process.

Thus, there are various types of industrial ovens that should be chosen based on the needs of your particular operation. Some important parameters that you would need to consider while purchasing industrial-use ovens are:

· The internal space and capacity available

· The actual space consumed by the oven when it is mounted on a bench or the floor.

· Heating capacity of the oven

· The shape and size of objects or components that are to be processed in the oven

· The exhaust arrangement of the oven as well as your own facility

· The quality of all important components of the industrial ovens such as the switches, insulation, heating chambers, heating coils, and so on.