The small wood stoves we are discussing are made by Jotul and Vogelzang. The Vogelzang is a smaller stove than the Jotul which means it will be a little bit heavier than the Jotul. None the less both stoves have their positives and negatives.

Smaller Fire Box

These wood burners are smaller which means you cannot load as much wood into them as their larger friends. The fireboxes are usually around the 16 inch size which means you need to be very careful when you are cutting wood or they will not fit into the firebox. Also they are not as wide therefore the only way you can place wood into the box will be length wise.

 Easy to Move

The stoves are very light and it is easy for two people to move them. That is especially useful when you first purchase the stove and you need to season it. We do recommend taking it outside and starting a fire and letting it get really hot. The smell from seasoning your stove can be toxic so stay away from the stove. Let the fire get hot and then let it burn out. This should be enough to season it and once cooled down you can move it inside to it’s permanent place.

Less Clean Up Time

Some of these wood stoves can be used as a cook top and they have removable lids that makes it real easy for cleaning. The smaller firebox means the ashes will be minimal and the clean up time will be less than 5 minutes. If you have a larger wood heater it can take us 10 minutes or longer to clean out the ash.

Less Expensive

As you can imagine because they are smaller they will not cost as much as the larger ones. You can pick one of these up for around $200 which is a great price for something that can really heat a room.
Challenges With Small Wood Stoves

Some Disadvantages

There are some issues with these little guys and you need to know them up front before you purchase one. They are not so great that should steer you away from purchasing one but having a heads up before you purchase. Knowing these things up front allows you to purchase with peace of mind.

As you know they can only heat up to a maximum of 700 square feet or less and they will pump out the heat along with a leaking. That leaking is the smoke that will filter out of the stove because they are not built nearly as air tight as the more expensive wood burners. You can keep this in check if you crack open a window to create a air flow that allows the stove to suck outside air into the fire and up the chimney pipe.

The tiny woodstoves do have a problem with closing down the stove to a warm burn. The damper is not located inside the stove (normally) rather near the stove pipe that leads up towards the chimney. This can be a difficult position to try and dampen the burner therefore having to leave the door cracked open can also cause indoor smoke.

Final Thoughts

I have listed both the positives and negatives of small wood stoves. Take some time before you purchase to talk to owners of the stoves to make sure you understand the stove and how it operates. If you walk into a dealership you can probably guess they will try to upsell you into a larger stove so can a clear plan in mind before you walk into the store. That way you can always steer the salesman back to what you are interested in.

Don’t forget to shop online especially the larger places like Amazon. They will normally have customer reviews that will give you a great idea of how they operate.

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